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Premium Blend Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare products for Premium Results

Since 1998 Tattoo Goo’s all natural formula has been using the highest grade oils, emollients and herbal ingredients to help heal your tattoos and piercings. Don't be fooled by others who have either changed ingredients or use different oils to reduce costs.

Tattoo Goo has always kept our standards high in order to provide you with the finest product available for healing and long term body art aftercare. It has been developed and produced by professionals with over 50 years of combined natural products experience. Tattoo Goo is available in a variety of sizes and formulations. All our products are produced using good manufacturing procedures. Products are tested and certified for accuracy and quality before they leave the production facilities.

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Dermatologist tested - Apply with Confidence

Tattoo Goo Salve, Tattoo Goo Lotion, Healix Gold by Tattoo Goo, Tattoo Reneu and Color Guard have been dermatologist tested in a clinical study to confirm that Tattoo Goo is NOT associated with skin irritation or allergic dermatitis. Click for more info

It's Not Just for Healing

Tattoo Goo is not just for healing, it premium blend of ingredients are beneficial for the "Life of your Tattoo". Many of the ingredients in Tattoo Goo products are designed to preserve and restore the ink colors in your tattoo.

You can also use Tattoo Goo for everyday skincare. Tattoo Goo is a great way to help sooth the skin from sunburn, windburn, minor cuts and scrapes. Tattoo Goo is available in a variety of sizes and formulations. Read more about its ingredients and uses in the Product Info sections of this website.

But My Tattoo Artist Said . . .

We invite any artist to compare the design, effectiveness and quality to any of the generic remedies such as Bacitracin, A&D, Neosporin or Triple antibiotic ointment, to that of Tattoo Goo. Given that these over the counter ointments are good for minor cuts and abrasions, but they are horrible for tattoos. The two main ingredients in these products are Petroleum and Lanolin;

Petroleum is an oil based ingredient that can clog pores creating breakouts and slows the healing process of a tattoo. The main point of healing a tattoo is to heal it as fast as possible to retain your color. The slower your tattoo heals the higher the chance the scabs will draw color out.

The second ingredient is Lanolin which has been proven to pull color out of healing tattoos. Plus many people are allergic to lanolin since most lanolin comes from domestic sheep. So if you are allergic to wool then there is a good chance you are allergic to lanolin, and if used, you will have the chance of a breakout and/or infection.

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For your convenience you can now order products wholesale (for tattoo shops only) online. Your must be a legal business with a tax id number. To order 24 hours a day go to


CONSUMERS: Tattoo Goo does not sell directly to the public. It is available at your local Tattoo Studio. If they are not able to order it and you are in need of product, you can order at:

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