Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve probably got a lot of questions—chances are, you’re not the first person to ask them! We’ve got all the facts you need to know.


How long has Tattoo Goo® been on the market?
Tattoo Goo® Salve has been on the market since 1998. Tattoo Goo® was developed and tested for two years prior to coming to market. After the product was proven successful, we entered the tattoo industry. At the present time, Tattoo Goo® is sold worldwide to thousands of studios.

Why is Tattoo Goo® Salve better than other products?
Tattoo Goo® is a natural Olive Oil-, Cocoa Butter- and Wheat Germ-based salve. It does not contain harmful chemicals that can sometimes cause reactions in some people. Olive Oil, especially the pomace grade used by us, is considered the best of natural humectants. Tattoo Goo® products contain no petroleum. Petroleum also contains many impurities that can also clog skin pores and prevent the tattoo from breathing. Tattoo Goo® Salve contains no lanolin. Lanolin is highly allergenic. Tattoo Goo® was specifically developed for healing tattoos. Chemicals used in other products such as A&D, Triple Antibiotic and Bacitracin may often cause problems during the healing process.


How long does it take a tattoo to heal?
Anywhere from five days to three weeks depending on the area of the body the tattoo is and how well you heal up. Some people take longer to heal than others; some areas of the body take longer to heal: lower legs, wrist, forearms, hands, etc.

My tattoo is peeling and itching. Is that normal? What should I do?
It is normal for a tattoo to peel up like a sunburn. Do not scratch at it or peel the skin away. Let it naturally fall off. Use lotion to keep the area moist. This “peeling” will last for a few days. Use lotion 3-4 times a day, don’t mess with it and you will do just fine. Peeling, flaking, ashy, dry are all words to describe this stage of the healing process. An itching tattoo is a healing tattoo.

The skin that is peeling up is colored like the tattoo—is my tattoo coming off?
No, that is natural. The dead skin has been colored/dyed during the tattooing process. That skin will fall off and be replaced with the fresh skin that is underneath it. A tattoo is VERY bright when it is first completed; during the healing process it starts to look discolored and dull. When the tattoo is finished healing, you will notice the “color” will come back.

My tattoo is scabbing. Is that normal? What should I do?
Scabbing sometimes happens during the healing of a tattoo and can last weeks after. This can be caused from overuse of aftercare products, not using enough or it could just be your body’s natural healing process. When you over apply aftercare, it covers the skin and keeps it from breathing. If you have been using aftercare heavily, let the tattoo dry out for a day. After that, apply Tattoo Goo® Lotion three times a day. The lotion absorbs into the skin and will let the tattoo breathe. It is very hard to over apply lotion.

My tattoo seems to be losing ink. It is runny, wet and it looks like the ink is coming out. What should I do?
It sounds like the tattoo is leaching. When too much aftercare is applied, the body will naturally try to push whatever is on top off so it can breathe. Wash the tattoo off and pat it dry. Do not put anything on it for one day. After that, start using Tattoo Goo® Lotion around three times a day—be sure not to over apply. Continue using the lotion until it heals completely. It may scab a bit, but do not pick the scabs—let them fall off naturally.

Can I wash my tattoo?
Yes, you should wash your tattoo 2-3 times a day with a product such as Tattoo Goo® Deep Cleansing Soap. Do not use a washcloth, use only your hands, gently wash off the tattoo and pat it dry. Let it air dry for 10-15 minutes before applying aftercare. It is important that it is completely dry before applying aftercare. Do not soak the tattoo in water, swim, etc. until the tattoo is completely healed.

Should I re-bandage my tattoo?
You should not re-bandage your tattoo. The tattoo needs to breathe and should be left unbandaged.

Can I use sunscreen on my tattoo while it is healing?
Sunscreen should not be used on a healing tattoo as it has many chemicals that can cause adverse reactions. You should keep the tattoo out of the sun until it is completely healed. Most artists recommend two weeks or more. After it is healed, you should always use sunscreen, such as Tattoo Goo Renew® SPF 50+ if your tattoo is going to be exposed. Tattoo Goo® Salve and Lotion contain no sunscreen.


How often should I use Tattoo Goo® Salve and Lotion?
You should use it as your artist directed. What do your aftercare instructions say? Use the ointment 2-4 times a day depending on how active the tattoo area is. If it is left alone and clothes do not rub the area, two times a day may be all that is necessary. If the area is rubbed by clothes, more applications may be needed. The lotion should be used 3-4 times a day. You can use them for continual aftercare treatment.  Moisturizing the tattoo area 2-3 times a day will keep it looking healthy.

How much Tattoo Goo® Salve should I apply to the tattoo?
You should apply just enough to make the skin shiny. Over application is the biggest problem associated with healing tattoos, so please be sure to apply as little as possible. Simply wipe your finger across the top of the Tattoo Goo® aftercare you have, rub it in gently and wipe off any access. Make sure it is completely rubbed into the skin.

Can I use Tattoo Goo® products together with other aftercare products?
Tattoo Goo® products are meant to be used together, and we do not suggest mixing with any other aftercare products. Listen to your artist’s instructions and follow them completely. If you mix different products together and have a problem, it is hard to pinpoint where the problem is stemming from.

It has been a couple of weeks and my tattoo is healed. How long should I continue to use Tattoo Goo®?
If your tattoo has healed, you can discontinue use at any time. It is always suggested to use lotion to moisturize your tattoo. Tattoo Goo Renew® and Tattoo Goo Renew® SPF 50+ can be used as continual aftercare treatment and sun protection. It is always good to use some type of moisturizer on your tattoo daily, like Tattoo Goo Renew® and Tattoo Goo Renew® SPF 50+ special water-based Olive Oil formulations which are silky and not greasy.


What is the shelf life of Tattoo Goo® brand products?
We make Tattoo Goo® products on a weekly basis. Standard turnover at studios has been about two months, thereby minimizing any risk of outdated shelf life, which is about 2-3 years. Vitamin E acts as the preservative in Tattoo Goo® Salve. Tattoo Goo® lasts up to 24 months after opening. Each product carries a universal symbol recognizing that fact. Those products that come under the over-the-counter drug umbrella vary but are stamped on the label.

How much is in a tube of Tattoo Goo® Lotion and how long should it last?
A 2 oz tube of Tattoo Goo® Lotion should last through three medium-size tattoos. It will vary depending on how long you continue to use the lotion. Some people use lotion daily even after the tattoo is healed. If you are using it only during the healing process, there is enough in there to last through 2-3 tattoos.

How long should a can of Tattoo Goo® Salve last?
There is enough in each 3/4 oz can of Tattoo Goo® to last through four medium-size tattoos if used properly. It should be used very sparingly.


Does Tattoo Goo® Salve contain fragrances?
Tattoo Goo® is 99% natural. It is the herbs and oils that give Tattoo Goo® Salve its natural scent of Rosemary and Lavender. Our lotions contain no artificial scents.

Is there anything in the Tattoo Goo® suite of products that can pull color out of my tattoo?
There is nothing in our product suite that can pull the color out. The biggest problem with aftercare is over application. By over applying any type of aftercare product, you may smother the skin. The body’s natural defense is to push what is on top off. The body will try to push off what is covering the skin. It is very important not to over apply when healing a tattoo. If this is happening, simply wash off the tattoo, let it air dry and use nothing on it for a day.

Could someone have a reaction to Tattoo Goo® brand products?
There are people who could be allergic to some ingredients in Tattoo Goo®, but it is not common. Our products are natural. Most people know if they have known allergies to the ingredients in our products, because they are common ingredients used in a variety of products. We ask that consumers review all ingredients prior to use to avoid any allergic reactions. Users can perform a simple cosmetic patch test. This test consists of three quarter-sized applications on the inner elbow for three days. This is the thinnest area of the skin. If no redness or irritation appears, there is no apparent allergic reaction.

Is there anything in Tattoo Goo® Salve that is harmful?
The ingredients in Tattoo Goo® are by FDA GRAS products standards. GRAS stands for Generally Recognized as Safe. If you get it in your eye, it may cause a little irritation and redness. If this were to happen, simply wash the eye with cold water.

What happens if someone has a reaction to a Tattoo Goo® product?
One should simply discontinue use. Consult with your tattoo artist.

Is Tattoo Goo® Salve vegan?
Tattoo Goo® Salve is natural, but it does contain Beeswax which is not considered vegan. However, Tattoo Goo® Lotion is vegan and may be substituted for the Salve.

Can the dye in Tattoo Goo® Salve cause a reaction?
Probably not. The amount of dye used in the formulation is about 10 parts per million. The amount of dye used in tattoo ink is thousands of times more concentrated than this. In addition, all of the dyes used are Certified D/C Drug and Cosmetic by FDA standard.


What is the difference between Tattoo Goo® Salve and Tattoo Goo® Lotion?
The ointment is more of a “healer” and the lotion is more of a moisturizer. After the first couple of days during the healing process, the wound begins to close. Once this happens, it is only necessary to keep a light moisturizer on the skin to keep the area from drying out. This is why we use the ointment a couple of days and then switch to using the lotion.


Can Tattoo Goo® Salve be used for piercing?
Tattoo Goo® Salve was developed for healing tattoos. Tattoos and piercings are completely different wounds. We recommend using our wide assortment of piercing aftercare, including X-Pression® Extra Strength Antiseptic Spray and Blue Wave™ Medical Grade Saline Cleansing Solution.

Can Tattoo Goo® Salve be used for anything else except healing tattoos?
Tattoo Goo® Salve may be used for a wide variety of skin care needs, including cuts, scrapes, burns and bruises. It can be used daily as a lip balm, moisturizer and cuticle cream. Many diabetics have reported that they have had many positive results when using Tattoo Goo® for healing cuts, scrapes and burns.

Can Tattoo Goo® Salve be used for the tattooing process?
We have several shops that use/have used Tattoo Goo® Salve during the tattooing process. However, we do not recommend it due to the thick consistency of the product, which may be too hard to get enough on to the skin for the purpose of tattooing. Try our new Shea Butter-based Pro Series™ Processing Butter tested by artists and specifically designed for this.

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