Babiery Hernandez


Babiery was born in the Dominican Republic on 1986. Passionate about art from a young age, he practiced many different medias such as pencil, oils, watercolors, and airbrush.

In 2011 he was introduced to the tattoo industry by a great friend and fellow artist Robert Jaramillo. With his encouragment, Babiery began studying and practicing the art of tattooing, refining his skills to become the award-winning artist he is today.

His signature style includes bold lines and bright colors; all accompanied with a great amount of detail and dimension. His positive attitude and open mindedness bring a collaborative energy every tattoo he creates. He loves illustrating all of his designs using his client’s ideas and input.

Today, Babiery spends his days tattooing and traveling to tattoo conventions around the world and is always looking to learn from others and finding new ways to grow his talent.  You can find him among the pages of 24/7 Ink or, possibly, at a tattoo convention near you.


Q: What is your favorite Tattoo Goo product?
A: The Salve
Q: Why is the Salve your favorite?
A: I love it because it goes on smooth, and I see how the color of the tattoo stays so bright. I use it on my own tattoos as well, even after they’re healed. I just put on a thin layer and it really makes the color pop.
Q: What do you like about the products as a whole?
A: The healing process. It’s great aftercare, and it has everything. It has the soap, sunblock, the healing products - every product is made for the ongoing care for your tattoo. Also with the tattoo aftercare kits, you can find the essentials all in one place.
Q: Do you sell the products in your shop? If so, what is the best seller?
A: Yes, we sell the products. The salve tin is the best seller.
Q: Have your clients commented on the products?
A: Yes, clients love it. They have been known to come back for more after the tattoo has healed.

Babiery's work