Based out of Melbourne, Florida, Jayvo Scott has been around the tattoo industry since the age of 12. He grew up watching his father tattoo at his shop in south Florida, where he started off learning to make needles, cleaning, and assisting clients with drawings.

Throughout Jayvo’s teens and early twenties, he was at the shop after school and in his off time learning, watching, and helping out. During this time, Jayvo’s father instilled in him everything that an apprentice would normally learn. Jayvo was able to gain very valuable knowledge of the art and the industry by being around it for so long, and at 23 years’ old, he first picked up a tattoo machine to do his first tattoo.

For the past 3 years, Jayvo has been tattooing full time on the convention circuit and traveling the country doing guest spots. He’s also gotten known for his time as a contestant on Inkmaster season 5. As an actor, Jayvo has appeared on many television shows as well as feature films. Look out for him on TV, tattoo conventions, or doing a guest spot at a tattoo shop near you!


Q: What’s your favorite Tattoo Goo product?
A: The Pro Series Process Butter
Q: Why is the Pro Series your favorite?
A: The Pro Series process butter makes my job much easier. It smells great and keeps the irritation down on the skin. Because it's not greasy, you can tattoo for hours with no mess.
Q: When did you start using Tattoo Goo?
A: About two years ago.
Q: What do you like about the products?
A: It just works. I actually use it on my tattoos as well. Everything that they make is really great. I've never had any issues.
Q: Does your shop sell the products? If so, what's the best seller?
A: Yes, we do sell them in my shop and the kits are the standout best-seller. They have everything you'll ever need for healing a fresh tattoo.

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