Jhon Campuzano


Jhon was born in Bogota Colombia in 1987 with a passion for creativity and art. Through the years he experimented with pencil drawings, watercolor, oil painting, dry brush sculpting among other medias. In 2010 he was introduced to the tattoo industry and began studying its rich history, styles and the approaches of tattooing in different cultures. He has been devoted to the art ever since.

Although he is experienced in all styles of tattooing, he finds greater interest in black and gray realism. His work focuses on portraits and surrealism with an incredible amount of finely tuned detail. Clients find him open-minded to their ideas as he loves to approach each design with a collaborative energy.

Jhon participates in tattoo conventions nationally and internationally meeting many inspirational artists along the way that inspire him to push his talent to its highest potential.


Q: Do you have a favorite Tattoo Goo product?
A: All of it is good, but the one that I use every day is the Pro Series Process Butter
Q: Why is the Pro Series Process Butter your preferred product?
A: Because some of the other products that I’ve sued in the past melt and run all over your glove. This doesn’t run, it doesn’t clog the needle and it actually helps the skin. It's amazing.
Q: When did you start using Tattoo Goo?
A: Oh man, I've been using it for about a year and a half now.
Q: What do you like about the products in general?
A: What do I like? There’s one way to say it - they’re awesome. The way the aftercare is applied, first the salve - to put it on for the first two weeks and then the lotion after - it maintains the tattoo. After awhile, even now, I still use the salve. I put it on my tattoos and they just become more vibrant.
Q: Have your clients commented on how well it works?
A: Actually, a few weeks ago one of my clients had been using another healing product and I gave him the Tattoo Goo Salve. I told him how to apply it and to let me know how his tattoo healed. This guy was like - on my god I love this, where can I get it? And I was like you can find it online or at stores like WalMart or CVS.

Jhon's work