Joey Tattoo


Joey has been tattooing for 26 years and has tattooed over 17,000 people. He got his start by getting his first tattoo at 19 – a design he drew himself – and got offered an apprenticeship that day. After building his name and reputation over the next few years he opened his first tattoo shop with his wife Dayna in 1996.

Over the years, he has apprenticed eleven tattooers, many who have gone on to earn industry acclaim. As for his own artistry, the early years spent in the industry developed his ability to work in any style; “because 26 years ago you had to work in any style”. Presently, however, black and gray realism is what he enjoys most.

In addition to tattooing, you can catch Joey rehabbing tattoo shops around the country on Spike TV’s Tattoo Rescue or, most likely, at a tattoo convention near you.

Joey lives with his wife Dayna and three children (his biggest inspirations) and owns Bella Arte Tattoo Co. in Fairfield, New Jersey.


Q: What's your favorite Tattoo Goo product?
A: My favorite is the Pro Series Process Butter
Q: Why is the Pro Series Process Butter your preferred product?
A: It just does what it’s supposed to do and it performs like nothing else I've ever used. That was the first thing I tried from Tattoo Goo and it made me stop using everything else I was using.
Q: Do you sell the products in your shop?
A: Yes, we do sell Tattoo Goo.
Q: What Sells the Best?
A: The lotion - I don’t know if it sells the best, but that’s what we push the most as our personal recommendation. If the butter was in a little tin, we’d probably sell a ton of that because it’s a really good aftercare.
Q: Have your clients commented on how well Tattoo Goo products work?
A: They come back and their tattoos are healed - need I say more?

Joey's work