Derma Numb™ Spray

This topical anesthetic is a powerful anti-inflammatory that won’t affect color or healing.

Quick Facts

  • Lidocaine & Natural Pain Relievers
  • Works in 90 Seconds
  • Designed Specifically for Tattooing
  • Won’t Affect Color

Product Details

Derma Numb™ Spray is a topical anesthetic that is applied after the skin is broken or outline is finished. It uses the finest ingredients to minimize pain and provide a comfortable tattooing experience for your clients. Utilizing the maximum allowed percentage of Lidocaine with natural Yarrow Root and Yucca Glauca Root—the top two natural numbing and healing agents—Derma Numb™ Spray is an excellent anesthetic, numbing, skin cell rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory blend. It won’t affect the packing of color or shading and actually helps by opening the pores to receive the ink.

Subject to local laws outside 50 United States.

*Master distribution Items Derma Numb™ trademarks of ATS Supply and Stencil Off, Stencil Stay Trademarks of Body Art Brands.


Active Ingredient List

4% Lidocaine HCI
Propylene Glycol
Yarrow Root Extract
Yucca Glauca Root Extract
Citric Acid
Sodium Metabisulfite
Caprylyl Glycol
Disodium EDTA


For best results apply the spray directly to the tattoo area after the skin is broken or outline is finished. Let sit for 90 seconds so it can absorb in the skin. After the spray has been absorbed, continue the tattoo process while your client enjoys a comfortable session. Continue to apply through the process as needed.


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